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Our main thrust under residential services revolves around enhancing domestic and family security. Our professional locksmith business, in this case, entails installation and repair of all types of locks on doors, garages, security gates and even balcony windows. Recently, we added a new addition to our residential locksmith services by introducing the installation of safes and vaults in private homes.


We have also extended our services to involve even large-scale security projects. In the commercial sector, our services revolve around the installation of high-end security systems; both manual and electronic. This extension covers small offices, hospitals, schools and even large corporations. We are also conversant with the modification, installation and repair of security clearance systems in office buildings.


Our experts in Gilroy are well versed in solving automotive locking problems including the replacement of ignition keys and unlocking car doors. Our specialists in this field are reachable 24/7 via our hotline number and are well versed with the locking systems of most automobile brands. We are also involved in the maintenance of sophisticated car locks and other automobile security additions.

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John Haley
Everytime I needed a Locksmith, David has been the one to call. Exceptionally quick service at the best prices in the area. I have used them for commercial as well as residential needs.
Mike Thompson
Very professional experience and fair on price. I would call them again with any lock problems in future. They are the best ones available.
Daniel Meehan
Thank you very much for the great service. You changed that lock in no time. I will refer you to all my friends moving into new apartment here at Gilroy. You are the best!!!
Jeremy Aaron

Top-Notch Locksmith Services

Our locksmith services have for years provided the residents with quick and effective solutions for all their security needs. Our services are no longer restricted or confined to simply picking locks or duplicating keys.

As one of the leading compsnies we pride ourselves in offering our clients the best locksmith solutions for all their security needs. Not only do we offer our services at a competitive rate, but we also have a strong reputation for timeliness and top-notch quality. Our reliability and competency surpass most of our customers expectations as we have streamlined our operations in a bid to achieve 100% clientele satisfaction.

If you're looking for a 24 hour locksmith then look no further as we have the latest state-of-the-art equipment to unlock your doors within the shortest time possible. Other than that, we're available and responsive 24 hours, every day of the week. Having being at the forefront of locksmiths' business for years, we have made strides in perfecting the art of lock picking and disabling security systems with comparative ease.

Call us today and let us get you out of your jam within the next 20 minutes or less!


List of Services:

Everyone knows what is the most irritating thing in the world? Being locked out of the car or your home! In the fast-paced world of today, we struggle to keep track of everything. But no matter how neat and meticulous you are, once in a lifetime you are also faced with the same frustrating situation. That is essentially the time when you need us. Good locksmiths today who know they work very thoroughly are difficult to find , but it does not mean that you should entirely give up the hope of finding a reliable one.

The highly reliable locksmiths come with a license awarded by State. We take pride in providing locksmiths that are courteous and respectful. We offer services of highly trained personals who know their work extensively and are adept at putting you at ease. We are based locally in Gilroy California, but we offer internationally competitive services.

When you get accidentally locked inside your home or forget your car keys inside the car, we will be available to assist you and get your difficulty resolved in no time. Moreover, if you have lost your keys to the home, car or valuable closets, we guarantee to make original ones too.

We are reputable for offering services that are speedy and reliable. Additionally, all our locksmith are bonded and licensed. We offer a variety of service related to locks.

1. Locks Installation:
We offer speedy lock installation services at just a call. With specially designed equipment, we can cater to your needs in just a short period.

2. Repair:
Often when your locks are rusted and hinged, it is better to get them replaced at an appropriate time before waiting for the calamity to strike. We specialize in providing every kind of repair services related to locks.

3. Replacement:
When you feel that the security of your home or car is compromised, the best step is to take immediate preventive steps. Lock replacement is our forte, and we pride on providing high-quality unmatchable lock replacement service.

4. Lockout Services:
It is better to do the rational thing than try to break into your house or car when you get accidentally locked out. That is because it can be dangerous to you and may also cause you monetarily more than calling the professional. We have experts at our disposal 24/7. So the next time, you get locked out of your car or home, try giving us a call and we won’t disappoint you at all.

5. Master Key:
The best solution is to have a one key for all locks. Of course that is riskier than having separate keys for all locks but it makes things much easier and hassle-free. The master key can make management of your valuable closets, car, home, and office much comfortable and efficient. We specialize in preparing such kind of keys.

6. Control:
We can also manufacture keys that come with embedded label of not copying. These provide you with control over all the keys you have and no possibility of their duplication.

7. Door Closers:
Our services also include installation of door closer that are noiseless and do their work effortlessly. One of the primary irritants is a noisy door opening and closing, disturbing you in the middle of your work or sleep. We provide noiseless door closers with magnetic catchers that put you at ease.

8. Commercial Services:
Our commercial locksmith services cover every ambit. From emergency doors to electrical notifying systems, we offer every latest technology. We are a pro in manufacturing all kind of emergency doors and touch exit system that works in compliance with emergency fires. Gone are the days when fixed and unmovable doors were made as the emergency exit. What we provide is latest and state-of-the-art. The one-touch emergency doors are smart and automatically warn up in case of emergency fires.
We also offer back-door infiltration alarms. With large organization and companies, having multiple emergency exits, it is essential to have emergency alarms attached to them in case of security breach.
We are the leader in providing all the latest technology to make your businesses and organizations safe.

9. Electrical Solutions:
Electrical solutions for better access are provided for both domestic and commercial purposes. Centralized lock control systems work efficiently to provide you with control to all the locks in your home or company.

Apart from these we provide a host of other services too such as key extraction, smart key programming, and satisfied clientele.