Residential Locksmith Services

Our locksmiths in Gilroy, CA are professionally trained in various aspects surrounding residential security systems. This includes;

(a.) Installation of locks: This includes most types of high-profile locking systems on doors and windows. Installation can be done during the initial construction of the apartment/house or as an additional home-improvement project. Whichever your plan or project, you can rely on our experts to fit your doors, windows and gates with the latest quality, high strength locks available. For the more progressive residents, we have the capacity to install extra security checks in your home, e.g., electronic safes, cash vaults, and automated security locks.

(b.) Repair and maintenance of locks: As a resident of Gilroy, you can reach our locksmith specialists 24/7 in case you happen to lose your keys or lock yourself out of your house. In such an eventuality, we will assist you in breaking the locks and still replace them on the same day. Apart from that, you can also call on us to repair, test and carry extensive maintenance on all types of electronic alarm systems on your property.

(c.) Emergency locksmith services: If you need urgent locksmith services in Gilroy, our hotline unit is always responsive 24/7 for any call-in request. This might occur after a burglary or an attempted break-in in your house. In such situations, we are always ready to assist you in installing better and more secure locking systems.

(d.) Installation of security cameras: We understand your security worries and have developed measures of making sure that you feel safe in your home. This may be through a closed circuit security camera feed all around a gated compound. Whichever your idea of comprehensive and detailed security in Gilroy, we are best suited for handling it. With us, your security is our priority.


Commercial Locksmith Services

Our Gilroy locksmith services under this category encompass the following solutions.

(a.) Installation of office security systems: For all your office security solutions, whether large projects or minor repairs, our locksmith experts are equipped and trained to handle them competently. We have also perfected our service delivery to cater for the installation of modern electronic access systems. This may include; clearance security methods or automated security locks. We are also proficient in the installation of biometric and finger recognition access systems.

(b.) Maintenance and testing of pre-installed security systems: Install a burglar-proof security system is not enough, you also need to check it routinely for possible faults or defects. Our 24/7 locksmiths in Gilroy are not only professionally trained but can be reached through our emergency hotline in case you any tests run in your system. On that note, you can rely on our adept locksmith staff for even simpler or basic utilities such as duplication of keys for your personnel. This might be necessary in cases where each employee has to have some form access to the office buildings.

(c.) Repair/ correction of pre-installed locks: In case your existing security system malfunctions, you can depend on our timely repair service to allow you and your staff entrance and security in the building. We also troubleshoot and restore advanced security protocols or clearance levels in the event of accidents, burglary or voltage spikes.


Automotive Locksmith Services

Despite the fact that most automobile security systems are advanced or sophisticated, our elite team of locksmith specialists in Gilroy are familiar and experienced enough to be relied on in solving any problem you might have with your car locks. We have perfected our services in;

(a)Troubleshooting and repair of vehicle-locking mechanisms: Do you find yourself occasionally losing your car keys? Our locksmiths in Gilroy are always stand-by and ready 24/7 to solve such minor problems. We offer a variety of solutions such as the duplication of your keys, and we can also be trusted to install a keyless locking mechanism on your vehicle. This will minimize the cases of you losing your keys or even theft of your vehicle. In collaboration with most vehicle security companies, we can also install a smart locking and tracking system on your car.

(b) Emergency unlocking and re-installation: Our automobile experts have years of experience in unlocking and disabling most vehicle locks. We will also reinstall your locks on the same day going by the assumption that you may need to use the car again.


All in all, In Gilroy, CA….security starts with us.